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LJA Ltd.
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Industrial Hygiene

We conduct indoor air quality testing for carbon monoxide, toxic oils and chemical, off-gassing and nuisance dust. We are also conduct noise studies in industrial facilities of automated machinery.

Environmental Site Assessment ( Phase I )

LJA has conducted  evaluations and inspections at hundreds of government, state, medical and educational institutions and facilities. ESAs include inspection, testing, evaluation, title search, aerial and topographical maps.

Environmental Site Assessment (Phase II)

Have conducted Phase II ESAs upon the identification of hazardous conditions during the Phase I and designed Remedial Action Plans.


The company has conducted soil testing for real estate developers and construction companies to determine the type of contaminiation present and worked in conjunction with landfills to determine the type of testing to be conducted and coordinated disposal to the appropriate landfill.

Our staff has provided oversight management at Brownfield sites to ensure waste is properly disposed of, we test monitors for vapors and off-gassing and take area samples.

Health & Safety 

Our staff conducts safety studies to check a company's procedures/protocol, including lockout/tagout and ergonomics. We have conducted H&S studies at Nuclear and Coal Fired Power Plants. We performed both emergency and scheduled clean-ups of utility plants. We have also performed H&S audits in the commercial and government sector. 

Project Design & Management

Our staff has provided project design and mangement services at 400 postal facilities,medical facilities, major refineries, correctional facilities, state univerisities, the public school system and the transportation industry. 

Evaluations & Inspections

Evaluations and Inspections have been conducted to identify the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, radioactive materials, disease borne materials at hospitals, nuclear  & coal fired power plants, educational facilities, correctional facilities, postal facilities, refineries and transportation facilities.

Construction Project Management

LJA has conducted oversight,  UST soil  testing and clean up at construction sites. We can provide asbestos and lead paint abatement project oversight.

Indoor Air Quality, Air Monitoring and Noise Studies conducted at over 400 Postal Facilities. Chemical and Particulate testing at a Major Confectioner.

Phase I and Phase II have been conducted at over 200 facilities in the Government, Commercial, Industrial and Private sectors.
Soil testing conducted at redevelopment sites prior to construction
Safety studies conducted at 5 Nuclear and
Coal-Fired Plants and at Major Petroleum Refineries. Emergency and Scheduled Clean-ups performed. Emergency and Scheduled Clean-ups performed.
We  have provided Project Design and Management Services to Postal Facilities, Utilities, Refineries, Medical Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Universities, the Housing Industry and Transportation Industries.
Environmental oversight provided on construction projects where there is suspected contamination.