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LJA Ltd.
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Larry Jackson & Associates, Ltd. was founded in 1986, by Dr. Larry Jackson, M.P.H., DN., IH.  LJA Ltd. provides its clients with technical information, guidance on current environmental and safety regulations and services as a vital link between client and regulatory demands.  We study traditional actions to an environmental problem, create innovative solutions and provide cost-effective options through a feasibility study approach.  Once the client is comfortable with our approach, we prepare a plan aimed at obtaining regulatory approval.  As part of our plan, we provide our clients with a clear guide on how to maintain compliance.

Our goal is to consistently exceed our client's expectations by providing superior professional project management and support services.  Our Quality Assurance ensures each report, project or service product is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated according to its specifications.  Clients can expect realistic time schedules and costs while we work to minimize disruption of their operation.  

Through experience we have learned efficient production means responsibility for the safety and welfare of our clients and employees.  Thus we recognize this with a developed safety program that not only increases productivity but amplifies the quality of the service we provide to clients.  Setting up a comprehensive health hazard evaluation and monitoring programs, and training employees to recognize potential hazards.  LJA implements policies to ensure effective and efficient quality work.

Committed to helping our clients achieve environmental responsibility.  What environmental footprint is your
business creating?
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