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LJA Ltd.
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Industrial Hygiene 
Environmental Site Assessments/Remediation
Health & Safety Remediation Services 
At LJA Ltd., we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
The purpose of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are to identify environmental conditions such as the presence of hazardous substances. During our Phase I ESAs, LJA will identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities.  LJA 's Phase I Environmental Site Assessments typically include:
   -  A Site Inspection  
   -  A Review of pertinent records to determine the current and past use of the site
      and adjacent properties
   -  Interviews with current and past property owners, or key personnel
   -  Title Search
   -  Review of State and Federal  records and databases

​Results are compiled in a report that clearly identifies potential risks areas.

If environmental concerns are found during the Phase I, a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment may be required to evaluate its existence, extent and source through chemical analysis. Once contamination has been characterized we can assist with remedial services
or have a risk assessment conducted to eliminate the problem.
LJA has provided project design and management on numerous asbestos, lead, industrial hygiene, health & safety and projects.  Our experienced staff will develop detailed specifications
 for your project​, this includes:
- Project management
- Preparation of bid specifications
- Assistance with qualifying and selecting contractors

Since 1986 LJA has conducted hundreds of evaluations and inspections of industrial and commercial facilities as well as private residences.  LJA inspectors are trained and experienced in survey protocol and sampling methodologies.  Our staff conducts evaluations of :
          - Asbestos
          - Lead Paint
          - Mold

Project Design & Management 
Industrial Hygiene is the art and science dedicated to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, communication and control of environmental stressors in or arising from the workplace that may result in injury, illness, impairment or affect the well being of workings.  Consequently, controlling worker exposure to occupational health hazards is a priority of any business owner or manager. At LJA Ltd., we identify occupational hazards, evaluate the environmental factors and minimize hazards by tailoring a program  to fit the individual needs of the business.  We have conducted indoor air quality testing for carbon monoxide, toxic oils, chemicals, offgassing and nuisance dust.  We also conduct noise
studies in industrial facilities of automated machinery.
Brownfield Investigations 
Brownfield sites are abandoned or underused industrial or commercial facilities available for reuse.  The land may be contaminated by low concentrations of hazardous waste or pollution and has the potential to be reused once it is cleaned up. 
Evaluations and Inspections
LJA Ltd, provides on-site evaluation of potential safety and health hazards an assistance with remediation of those hazards such as:
- Workplace Hazard Assessments
- Indoor Air Quality/Worker Exposure and Noise Exposure Assessments
- Confined Space Entry
- Develop safety manuals
- Employee training and awareness

Air Quality 
Indoor air quality refers to air within and around businesses, buildings and structures, relating to the health and comfort of the building's occupants. Air Quality can be affected by by microbial contaminants (mold, bacteria) gases (carbon monoxide, radon, VOCs, particulates or any mass or energy stressor that can induce adverse health conditions. LJA staff are trained and certified in evaluation of indoor air quality issues.  Our staff will perform a visual inspection, perform air and surface sampling and perform a post remediation clearance inspection. 
Construction Project Management
LJA can provide asbestos, lead paint and abatement monitoring on construction projects. We can also take soil samples.